A special place to relax in a

spectacular setting

Nura Chill Restaurant

There are countless extraordinarily beautiful places in the Mediterranean, and we’re sure that this corner of Majorca is one of them.
Come and enjoy the area’s nature, coves and beaches with us.
You can spend a whole day taking a break from your routine.
Sun and nature blend with new aromas and flavours.

Sun dried octopus


In our kitchen we want to bring you the most renowned Mediterranean flavours from the delicious cuisines of our neighbours on other shores of our common sea.
From Monastiraki in Athens to the cosmopolitan neighbourhoods of Tel Aviv, from the beaches of Beirut to the cliffs of the Turquoise Coast.
From the busy streets of Tangier to historic Rome.
And in the end, always coming back to enjoy the aromas of our islands.
Enjoy the journey and share the pleasures of good food, all rooted in the culture of friendship.
Grilled squid from Nura Chill Restaurant


Our Mediterranean Sea is the cradle of civilisation. It allowed the cultures surrounding it to share their knowledge, as well as the search for the meaning of life and the love of nature.
Thanks to this sea, Mediterranean cuisine was born, with the key ingredients of wheat, oil, grapes and seafood.

Nura comes from the Phoenician word Nur, which means fire.

La Victòria

Come to discover it